Don’t Leave It Up To Luck..

Shooting the score you want requires more than luck, so why not let a PGA TOUR Golf Academy instructor help improve your swing! Whether is 1-on-1 instruction or building a custom set of clubs to fit you, our staff is dedicated to helping you lower your score. Pro’s aren’t lucky, they are prepared and we think you should be too!

Private Instruction

Practice makes perfect, but what if you’re practicing incorrectly? Instead of hitting the range and continuing to develop bad habits, spend that time doing something more constructive. A private instruction session at the PGA TOUR Golf Academy is the best way to see immediate improvement in your performance on the course. Our certified instructors take the time to understand your goals, and work with you to develop a completely custom plan to help you reach them! Using the most up to date swing analysis technology, we identify the specific areas of your game that need improvement so that you can start making changes to see lasting results. Call us or swing by the Academy, located just inside the gates to the World Golf Village, to schedule your first lesson!

Custom Club Fitting

If you’re looking to eliminate inconsistencies in your game, then getting a set of clubs customized to your swing may be the answer you’re looking for. The same technology used to identify the areas of improvement in your game can be applied to find the best combination of club, shaft, and grip for your swing. The process starts by hitting several shots with your own clubs, in order to identify a baseline to measure against. Once established, you will have an opportunity to hit various combinations of club heads and shafts from the top brands in the sport. Once enough data is collected, the best combination will be obvious between the feel and the numbers. That information is then sent to the manufacturer, who creates a unique set specifically for you.



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