Golf Fitness Programs

Golf-Body Evaluation

90-Minute Full Evaluation + Report of Findings

  • Price: $200

If you’re looking to be more successful at any objective, understanding where you currently stand is key. Golf is no different. For anyone looking to enhance their golfing ability, longevity, and success on the course it is vital to investigate and assess your physical strengths and weaknesses. Going through the Golf-Body Evaluation with a Golf Fitness Professional is the start to better understanding your body and help provide a roadmap to success for the future. Whether past injuries, lack of mobility, or lack of awareness have held you back in the past, this evaluation will help highlight your strong areas and areas needing improvement to get the most out of your body and game.


Ala Carte Programs

Additional Training Sessions (One Hour)

  • Price: $100

Once a student has completed an entire series they may purchase a single session from time-to-time (i.e., needing a mid-season tune-up fitness session). Session topics will depend on the student’s current and overall needs along with review of the foundational concepts.


How to Properly Warm Up (One Hour)

  • Price: $100

A great way to get the most out of your game, whether practicing or playing, is to properly warm up the body. After completing our Golf-Body Evaluation we will create and teach a golf warm up routine based upon your personal needs that you can run through in the future. In the 60 minute session we will go through your routine twice with further exercise review to ensure that you will be confident to perform on your own.


Active Warm Up with a Golf Fitness Professional (30 Minutes)

  • Price: $60
  • Series of 5: $250

One great way to maximize time spent during a golf lesson to be loose and warmed up prior to instruction. This 30-minute session will be scheduled just prior to your lesson and will be a customized warm up routine based upon the student’s and instructor’s requested needs.


How to Warm Up/Recover with a Theragun (One Hour)

  • Price: $100

Learn different routines to get the most out of your Theragun or other massage therapy device on the range or at-home. This session will cover the education of a proactive warm-up routine as well as a review of post activity strategies to speed up recovery and reduce soreness.


Active Theragun Session with a Golf Fitness Professional (30 Minutes)

  • Price: $60
  • Series of 5: $250

Our Golf Fitness professional will actively utilize our in house Theragun to assist with mobility, speed up recovery, and reduce soreness.


Foundation Series

10 One Hour Session

  • Price: $950

Education and awareness are two essential pieces for success. Many tools in life come with instructional manuals. Our bodies unfortunately do not. We all basically know how to move but due to habits, past injuries, and our living/working situations we can lose our abilities to move in the most efficient ways. This is the main objective with this program: how to educate and teach the student how to maximize their potential for success and to avoid future injury when taking on further programs, such as strength or speed training. This program will have sequential learning lessons to establish the foundational pieces necessary to building a sound golf-body: solid posture, correct stabilization patterns in static and dynamic ways, joint freedom for better range of motion, awareness how the bodies center of mass affects movements, and a better understanding of optimal ways to load the body/tissues for overall athletic successes. This is a prerequisite for all other training series as it goes in-depth on proper movement strategies and will be referred to continuously with its concepts and cueing.

Foundation Series Breakdown:

  1. Introduction on what stability is and how it pertains to golf-specific motions. You will learn how to utilize your breathing for additional stabilization as well as learn strategies to control the pelvis to lay roots for a strong and stable spine.
  2. Continuing focus on Foundational concepts from session 1, layering in more advanced stabilization movement patterns as it pertains to the pelvis.
  3. You will learn how stability helps create mobility. We will add stretching strategies and exercises to build core strength.
  4. Solidify your training focus as it pertains to breathing, pelvic control, and core strength. Introduce and discuss the importance of hip stability as it pertains to golf.
  5. Establish sound golf posture through proper hip hinge. Introduce balance dynamics.
  6. Continued focus on balance dynamics with introduction of footwork and weight pressure.
  7. Review of breathing techniques and its importance. Transfer of weight/energy dynamics.
  8. Introduce golf specific movements while focusing on overall stability.
  9. Perform golf specific movements while focusing on overall stability.
  10. Review and recap the series.


Mobility Series

10 One Hour Sessions

  • Price: $950

Golf may not seem like a tasking sport to some as it is a non-contact and an individual sport. Those that play and practice frequently, regardless of skill level, understand that there is not only a mental but physical commitment to staying sharp and strong throughout a season. The ability to maintain good posture, optimal joint range of motion and flexibility, endurance, as well as avoiding injuries are all crucial to having a successful golf season.
Once the Foundational Education Program has been established, students will continue to work towards maintaining their bodies maximal potential and developing functional movement patterns in support of sound swing mechanics.

Mobility Series Break Down:

  1. Introduction on what mobility is and how it pertains to golf-specific motions. You will learn the joint relationships in terms of stability and mobility. Identify the current range of motion needs of the student based upon initial evaluation and introduce rotational exercises.
  2. Expand upon initial rotational exercises based upon body/spine relationships.
  3. Continued focus on rotational mobility and learn muscular relationships as it pertains to golf specific motions. You will learn how proper breathing techniques support mobility.
  4. Introduce hip mobility exercises in support of full ranges of motion. Learn proper footwork to promote hip mobility.
  5. You will learn how to separate your lower body from your upper body based upon established mobility.
  6. Continue to train separation and discuss how patterns of motion in other sports relate to the golf swing.
  7. Introduce shoulder mobility and how it supports proper arm movement in the golf swing.
  8. Learn strengthening exercises for the shoulders and shoulder blades to support golf posture and good rotation.
  9. Interrelated dynamic mobility exercises focused on golf specific patterns of motion.
  10. Review and recap the series.


Strength Series

10 One Hour Sessions

  • Price: $950

Once the Foundational Education Program has been set, students will have a better opportunity to be successful, avoid injury, etc when taking on a strength and power program. Most ideal for OFFSEASON as there will be more workload on the body/tissues which may not be most suitable to maintaining overall mobility and range of motion in the timeframe. Ground force reaction and how energy is transferred throughout the body will be a continuous focus in all exercises. This program will have some golf specific movements but majority of it will be non-golf related as the goal is to develop true overall strength and power, not golf specific speed. The golf swing is a dynamic movement that is fluid and elastic. Exercises performed during this program will be power driven and used with a different tempo of concentric-eccentric-isometric phases of the movement versus more ballistic style for speed training.

Strength Series Break Down:

  1. Building upon the concepts of the Foundation Series and Mobility Series we will introduce strength concepts as it pertains to golf.
  2. Learn how to utilize weights to develop a strong lower body and core.
  3. We are going to utilize proven strength conditioning concepts to develop the lower body.
  4. Perform exercises utilizing weights in support of a powerful weight transfer. Ensure the core is active, supporting a powerful pivot.
  5. Discuss the benefits of power walking and it’s benefits to strength. We will continue to work on developing a powerful pivot.
  6. Perform Pull style exercises to strengthen back muscles.
  7. Perform Push style exercises to strengthen chest, arms, and core.
  8. Perform dynamic full body exercises ensuring a powerful swing sequence.
  9. Continue to work dynamic full body exercises in support of a powerful swing sequence.
  10. Review and recap the series.


Speed Series

10 One Hour Sessions

  • Price: $950

Creating speed is not just about moving faster or giving more effort, but about moving more efficiently and executing correctly. A lot of students have a higher speed threshold available but have not tapped into this due to “trying too hard”, having counterproductive motor patterns from previous sports, or simply not being aware of how to do so. This is where education and understanding really comes into play.
Once the Foundational Education Program has been set, students may look to utilize their bodies and recruit their fast twitch muscle fibers to execute more explosive and ballistic style training methods. Performing exercises at specific rep ranges and tempos will help recruit more of the fast twitch muscle fibers that are used to do dynamic movements such as swinging a golf club at higher speeds. Coupling that with education of where the energy or effort should be coming from is a recipe for success in creating more speed and explosiveness for the athlete. This program would be most ideal in late OFFSEASON or PRESEASON as the student’s body needs to be prepared to take on these types of dynamic movements with sound structure and posture and to as well as to hit the ground running for a great start to their season.

Speed Series:

  1. Introduction on what speed is and how it’s created. Begin training in a way that promotes the proper activation of key muscle groups.
  2. Perform Foundational core and pelvis exercises at increased speed promoting the ability to move faster.
  3. Train timing concepts to ensure that the swing sequence produces speed.
  4. Introduce the concept of plyometrics which is exercises involving repeated rapid stretching and contracting of muscles to increase speed, via jumping and rebounding.
  5. Continued focus on plyometrics with the addition of lateral speed training.
  6. Speed related Pull and Push style exercises. Ensure correct movement patterns are occurring with higher speeds.
  7. Perform a combination of exercises to fully develop speed especially in the lower body. Combine rotational exercises to train core utilization in the production of speed.
  8. Adding progression related to full body speed and explosiveness.
  9. Introduction of SuperSpeed golf training system. Ensure the body is being used correctly.
  10. Review and recap the series



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