PGA TOUR Golf Academy Evaluation

A PGA TOUR Golf Academy evaluation with TrackMan (combine) offers golfers of all ability levels a standardized test to measure their ball control skills against other golfers and relative state of their game. Players hit shots to various distances (60 ,70 ,80 ,90 ,100 ,120 ,140, 160, 180 yards) as well as hitting driver. A detailed report with the results of your evaluation will be emailed out at the conclusion of the session.

trackman 300 x 300

What you will learn from your evaluation:

  • Average distance away from the pin for each shot hit and which distance requires more practice
  • Where your ball control skills rank versus your handicap level worldwide and/or against Division I players or PGA/LPGA TOUR players
  • Work with our Certified Master Instructors to identify what areas need the most attention to improve your game

$99 per person


Regardless of level, all golfers can benefit from using TrackMan as part of their improvement plan. Working with one of our Certified Master Instructors on your golf swing and resulting ball flight through your TrackMan numbers, allows problem areas to be identified and quickly improved. TrackMan numbers explain objectively why your ball does what it does! Trackman stops the guessing and searching. It improves every practice session and your ball control skills. Your golf improvement needs a plan and a way to be absolutely certain that you┬╣re on the right path. TrackMan = Certainty.


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