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At the PGA TOUR Golf Academy we offer a variety of golf school programs, including our golf school and golf school lite offerings and custom “private” experiences. Whether it’s a two-day short game school—or you want to have your own instructor at your beck and call like a tour player—the PGA TOUR Golf Academy has the right program and plan for you to get better.


Golf School programs are great for the serious golfer looking for not only good information in the right order, but also wanting more supervised practice time with full swing and short game development. Adequate time of supervised practice is critical in skill set development at the practice facility and transferring them to the golf course – our Golf Schools will give you the time needed for this to happen.

Our Golf School programs include:

  • Golf instruction daily from (9am – 3pm)*
  • Personalized instruction (4:1 ratio)
  • Golf after instruction each day
  • 2-Day Schools every Sat-Sun
  • 3-Day Schools every Mon-Wed and Fri-Sun
  • View schedules (2-Day | 3-Day)

2 Day Golf School | $895

3 Day Golf School | $1,295

For all other inquires call an Experience Coordinator at 1.800.948.4653 or Request a Quote an a representative will follow-up promptly.



Golf School Lite programs are designed for golfers of all skills sets to get your game moving in the right direction. The first step to getting better at the game of golf is getting good information in the right order with the appropriate game plan. PGA TOUR Golf Academy Lite Schools focus on half days of instruction, providing ample opportunity for afternoon activities such as playing golf, going to the beach, club-fitting, or a relaxing afternoon at the spa.

Our Golf School Lite programs include:

  • 3-hours of instruction (9am – 12pm)
  • Personalized instruction (4:1 Ratio)
  • Custom School (1:1 or 2:1 Ratio)
  • 1-Day Schools every Sat, Mon or Fri
  • 2-Day Schools every Sat-Sun
  • 3-Day Schools every Mon-Wed and Fri-Sun
  • View schedules (1-Day Lite | 2-Day Lite | 3-Day Lite)

To book your golf school experience without accommodations, click on the link below to make your reservation online. Accommodations available upon request. Ask your Experience Coordinator about adding a round of golf or a playing lesson with your instructor.


Lite Schools commuter
1 Half-Day $395
2 Half-Day $695
3 Half-Day $895


For all other inquires call an Experience Coordinator at 1.800.948.4653 or Request a Quote an a representative will follow-up promptly.


Looking for a golf instruction experience that is tailored to your specific needs and goals? Work with Master Instructor, Anne Cain to design a personalized instruction program just for you. The PGA TOUR Golf Academy custom school experience with Anne offers students the opportunity to build a unique learning schedule focused on developing game fundamentals focused on specific disciplines, or work on their entire game. Train in a one-on-one setting, or learn with a friend and enjoy two-on-one instruction.


Half-Day ‘Lite’ Programs 1 student 2 students
1-Day Lite $595 $495 per student
2-Day Lite $995 $795 per student
3-Day Lite $1395 $1095 per student



It’s time to increase your enjoyment of the game. It’s time to shoot lower scores. It’s time for the “Scratch from 50” short game scoring school. The key to achieving this lies in learning how to score inside of 50 yards. Most of our score lies within this distance to the hole. Yet it is the area of the game that is often overlooked. The “Scratch from 50” school will focus on the four key short game scoring zones, Putting – Chipping – Pitching – Bunker Play.


Looking for more personalized instruction for your game? Let our team of instructors and reservation specialists create a customized experience.

To book your Custom School with an Experience Coordinator contact us at 1.800.948.4653


*Accommodation options available upon request. *Golf schools with only one student will be reduced to 4 hours of instruction per day with 1 on 1 student to teacher ratio (single students in a session will be contacted within 72 hours from school start date). Students in full day programs are given a one hour break for lunch on their own. ** Pricing based on single student $200 per day upcharge.

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