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Get your clubs fit with the latest technology while watching your ball flight.  Don’t get fit hitting into a net.


PGA TOUR Golf Academy club fitting philosophy is to blend the education of club fitting with instruction. This approach allows a player to be fit for long-term progression and development rather than any current compensation. Each student will be provided with the proper equipment to maximize their performance in all facets of the game.

Utilizing the latest in fitting technology with TrackMan, Flightscope, Boditrack, SAM putt lab and V1, our instructors and club fitters will work together to ensure that the student’s equipment supports the data collected as well as a fundamentally efficient motion. The objective is to provide the golfer with the proper equipment to maximize their performance in all areas of their game: driving, irons/approach shots, wedges/short-game scoring shots, and putting.

Club Fitting Prices:

  • Long Game Fitting – $150* per hour
  • Iron Fitting – $150 per hour
  • Wedge Fitting – $150 per hour
  • Putter Fitting – $150 per hour (SAVE $50 In the Month of May – Click here)
  • Total Game Fitting – $400** (3) hours

*Includes Driver, Fairways and Hybrids. **Includes Putter, Wedge, Irons, Driver, Fairways and Hybrids

To book your club fitting experience with Club Fitting Manager – Jason Fenstermaker, or Din Fuad click on the below link or call 904-940-3600

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Upcoming Demo Days

The PGA TOUR Golf Academy regularly hosts club demo events for the top brands in golf. This is a great opportunity to talk with brand experts, and try out the set you’ve been wanting to hit. Whether you need a new putter, driver, or a set of irons, a demo day will give you the opportunity to be fitted by the best.

Check the schedule below for upcoming events, and book your spot today!


Upcoming Fittings:

January 11th, 2019 (9-5pm) – SOLD OUT

March 28th, 2019 (9-5pm) – SOLD OUT

April 9th (9am – 3pm) – SOLD OUT

April 19th (9am – 3pm) SOUT OUT

May 11th (9am – 3pm) SOLD OUT

June 8th (9am – 3pm) SOLD OUT

July 20th (9am – 3pm)

August 10th – PXG PUTTERS (9am – 3pm)

September 21st (9am – 3pm)

October 19th (9am – 3pm)

November 17th (9am – 3pm)

*By appointment only – call 904-940-3600 for availability



Upcoming Fittings:

February 16th, 2019 (11 – 3pm) – SOLD OUT

April 27th, 2019 (11 – 3pm)  SOLD OUT

*By appointment only – call 904-940-3600 for availability



Upcoming Fittings:

February 6th (11-3pm) – SOLD OUT

February 9th (11-3pm) – SOLD OUT

April 6th (9-5pm) – SOLD OUT

June 15th (9-5pm) – SOLD OUT

July 27th (9-1pm) – Register Here

September 14th (9-1pm) – Register Here

November 9th (9-1pm) – Register Here

*By appointment only – click on the above links to reserve your spot



Upcoming Fittings:

September 18th (9 – 3pm)

October 26th (9 – 3pm)

*By appointment only – call 904-940-3600 for availability



Upcoming Fittings:

Check back soon for more PING Demo Days!

*Open to the public



Upcoming Fittings:

Check back soon for more Titleist Demo Days!

*Open to the public


For additional information and availability, call the PGA TOUR Golf Academy at 904-940-3600





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