V1 Golf App

V1 Golf App Procedure

Follow the instructions below to set up your V1 Golf app:

Getting Started

  • Download the V1 Golf App
    • CLICK HERE to download the V1 Golf App on the Apple Store
    • CLICK HERE to download the V1 Golf App on the Google Play Store
  • Complete the sign up, and then login to the app.
  • Select Your Instructor
    • “Click on” Instructors Icon at the bottom of the page
    • “Click on” Select Academy and Pro
    • In search field type in PGATOURAcademy (just as shown).
    • Select PGATOURAcademy
    • Select your pro

Sending a Video to Your Pro to be Analyzed

  • Capture Video
    • “Click on” Camera Icon at the bottom of the page.
    • Select the view that you would like to record.
      • V1 provides an on-screen template to guide the capture.
    • Click on the red button to begin capturing and to end capturing.
    • Video Details slide will appear, “Click on” save video.
    • “Click on” the < chevron at lop left corner of screen to exit camera.
  • Sending Video
    • Click on” the Videos Icon at bottom of page.
    • Select the “Swings” tab.
    • Click on” the three vertical dots to the right of the video to be sent.
    • Select “Send Video to my Pro”.
    • Click on “Send Video to my Pro.
      • Your pro will receive an email notification that you have uploaded a video to be analyzed.

Once the video is analyzed and sent you will receive notification via email. You will then be able to view the analysis in the V1 app under the “Lessons” tab.

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