Club Fitting FAQs

Do You Have The Right Clubs?

We recently sat down with PGA TOUR Golf Academy’s Lead Club Fitter, Jason Fenstermaker, to answer some frequently asked questions on why having custom fit clubs in your bag can make all the difference.

1. Why do you recommend a golfer to be fit for their clubs?
It is important for a golfer to be fit so that they are using the correctly measured clubs to match their specific body and swing. Without the correct clubs, we see golfers try to make compensations which can then lead into swing issues.

2. What makes the club fitting experience at PGA TOUR Golf Academy unique?
Our fitting is unique for several reasons. We have an indoor fitting bay that opens up to a driving range, which gives the golfer the ability to see the actual ball flight. We also use industry leading swing tracking technology and video to capture all aspects of a student’s swing. Currently we fit for Callaway, Ping, PXG, Taylormade and Titleist.

3. What tools do you use to help your students find the right clubs?
We use the new Trackman 4 launch monitor for full swing analysis, BodiTrak to evaluate weight distribution, and V1 Sports for video analysis. We also have an indoor SAM PuttLab (Science & Motion) which helps us better evaluate the putting stroke. 

4. What do you think is the most important club in the bag?
I feel the most important club to get fit for is the wedge. They account for so many strokes and often are not fit correct which then leads to many swing flaws.

5. How often should the average golfer consider upgrading their clubs?
I would recommend once a year. Even if the new model is not better than your current one, the swing is ever changing and in a year’s time the swing can preform very different.

6. How would you recommend a new golfer go about finding their first set of clubs?
It’s important to go in with an open mind and not be so brand conscious. Let the best performing club make its way into your bag rather than going after a certain brand. It is fine if the bag has several different brands, too.

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Jason Fenstermaker is a PGA member. He graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing/ Professional Golf Management Program.

Along with teaching, Jason is the full time club fitter at the PGA TOUR Golf Academy, working with the top club brands in the industry. His personal teaching style focuses on all aspects of the golf swing, helping each student reach his or her goals. He enjoys working with all ages and skill levels.

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